The tennis courts of the Netherlands are full of promising young players, striving to make the necessary improvement to make progress in the sport of tennis. Many of these keen young tennis players have a natural talent for tennis but unless it is refined and supported by specialist coaches this talent may be wasted. It was for this reason that the INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY was established in 2002 to enable young talented tennis players to pursue their dream! Thanks to the individual support programmes devised and delivered by professional coaches, these young tennis players have the opportunity to exploit their natural talents and move to the next level.

The INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY was founded by Martijn Belgraver and Noëlle van Lottum who both have vast experience on the professional circuit. Martijn reached the top 196 in mens tennis while Noëlle rose to the top 50 for women and both have played in major tournament at Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Today, even if their playing career is over, they are now channeling their expertise and experiences of the professional circuit to support the the young players within the INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY.

What can you expect from the INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY?

A professional training program delivered by a team of 6 coaches who have been selected in accordance with the values of our Academy, under the guidance of former professional players.

The ACADEMY has perfect training facilities allowing coaches to maximise performance and learning. During the summer months, the training sessions take place in The Hague Park and in Zoetermeer. Where possible, The ACADEMY provides bus transport to take children from school to the ACADEMY.

We collaborate with Segbroek College in The Hague and Thorbecke College in Rotterdam to enable young talents to follow an adapted curriculum.

A professionally devised physical training programme is provided by INTIME to ensure all players develop the necessary strength and conditioning required to support the development of specific tennis skills.

We also provide our young people with tailor-made medical supervision. A physiotherapist, an orthopaedic therapist, a sports doctor and an orthopaedic specialist are available for your children. All children benefit from a periodic medical examination. It is also possible to receive psychological advise. Indeed, for a tennis player, the mental approach is very important.

Training is provided at national and international levels such as the JRT, NRT, TE, ITF, WTA and ATP tournaments. This is also possible for tennis players who do not train at INTIME. Performances at tournaments are analysed, so that the negative points will be the focus of attention during the following training sessions.

From 2017 INTIME has started GO-United tennis travel. This program allows players (INTIME players and players outside INTIME) from all over the world to train and travel together to ITF, WTA and ATP tournaments. By traveling together with others players and professional coaches it reduces costs for individual players. This program has been developed as a result of cooperation between INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY and Amjoy tennis. For more information go to the website: www.go-united.com

The INTIME TENNIS ACADEMY also organises national and international youth camps. In addition every year, in February, a 4* youth tournament and a Tennis-Europe tournament for a 14 up to 16 year old are held at the Dekker Zoetermeer.

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